It is a basic criterion or requirement that is required in production and is regulated in order for manufacturers to comply and enable safe food production, emphasizing the prevention and elimination of risks that may cause food hazards or poisoning, or causing harm to consumers.

Natural Latex Free
Free from natural latex, which can cause allergic reactions of various severity, ranging from irritation, redness, itching, or may affect the respiratory system in severely allergic cases.


  • Free of BPA or Bisphenol A, which is a chemical found in plastic that make plastic products clear, strong, not easily broken, but has a negative effect, which is causing malfunctions to cells and various systems in the body, and has carcinogenic properties.
  • Free from phthalates, chemicals found in plastics that make plastic products flexible, soft and tough, which is toxic to the system in the body and is a carcinogen.
  • Free of all 19 toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, chromium.

It is a group of chemicals produced by incomplete combustion or chemical decomposition of organic matter by the heat of coal, wood and other related organic matter. which is toxic to the system in the body and is a carcinogen.
Azo dyes are popular dyes for fabrics and textiles, but there is a very dangerous downside: some azo dyes, upon entering the body, convert into aromatic amines and react with the cells in our body and become the starting point for cancer cells.
Certification for Safe
Transport of Chemical Goods
We are certified to be able to transport our products by aircraft in accordance with the rules and conditions set by the Department of Civil Aviation and related agencies.
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