Starting from the founders with the aspiration to see everyone in good health by taking care of themselves before they are sick or when they have minor illnesses and can take care of themselves or reduce the severity themselves, and it's another option for those who don't want to take the pills. Together, the founder has a passion for cartoons since childhood.
The cartoon has the charm of making the audience bright, cheerful, thinking and imaginative.

Therefore, the founders thought, selected and designed health products with designs that involve cartoons by being different, bright, functional and breaking from the old rules, but still attaches great importance to product quality and safety. Hence it is the origin of the name "KENKOU", which is a homonym from the Japanese word ケンコウ or 健康, pronounced as Kenkou, meaning healthy.



Then, the family of KENKOU and friends was born and they brought joy and happy to everyone. The founders are thrilled and proud whenever KENKOU and his friends appear on the products that are carefully selected and designed to provide the highest quality for all KENKOU family customers.

Finally, the founders will continue to focus on improving quality and designing products to meet all needs more, and we sincerely hope that the family of KENKOU and friends will bring happiness, smiles and good health to everyone ^^

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