• New innovations in heating equipment that can be carried anywhere and heated as soon as needed.
  • Easy to use by bending the iron plate, the liquid in the warmer will turns into crystals and be warmer instantly.
  • It is worth it as it can be reused more than 300 times. By boiling, the crystals will turn into liquid, making them ready for use again.
  • Can keep warm for about 30 minutes.
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Size: height 12 cm x width 11.2 cm
  • Get free KENKOU cloth bag (put the warmer in a cloth bag before compressing if it's too hot)

    Indications and Effect
  • Used to add warmth to the hands and body.
  • Used for pain, swelling, bruising
  • Used when having stiff joints, muscle stiffness
  • Used when it is an eye stye.
  • Used when the mother's breast is congested after childbirth.
  • Used for menstrual pain
  • Used for massage therapy or massage to relax.

    How to use
  • Bend the metal plate until it sounds ‘Click’ and the liquid will begin to turn into crystals.
  • Massage the KENKOU reusable hand warmer until the crystals are spread all over.
  • Compress directly to the desired area (the warmer must not be too hot), or put it in a KENKOU cloth bag before compressing.

    How to reuse
  • Bring the crystallized KENKOU reusable hand warmer to a boil in boiling water.
  • Boil for 5 - 10 minutes until all crystals turn into liquid. **During the boiling, roll the warmer back and forth frequently so that the plastic surface does not contact with the pot surface for a long time as it may tear the warmer.
  • Take the KENKOU reusable hand warmer from the boiler and leave it until the temperature returns to normal to get the warmer ready to use again.

  • There should be more than 1 KENKOU reusable hand warmer to replace when the heat runs out.

  • Do not heat the warmer directly from the microwave.
  • Stop heating immediately If the device is torn.
  • Always check for leaks before use.
  • Use of this warmer may cause skin burns as a result of inability to control temperature or from prolonged use.
  • The warmer should be used with caution, especially in children or people who cannot take care of themselves.

  • Do not use on areas with open wounds, bleeding, or skin infections.
  • Do not use when the device is torn.

    Storage method
  • After use, the warmer should be cleaned with soapy water or a disinfectant.
  • Keep away from sharp objects.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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