KENKOU 3D face mask containing 20 pieces/box


Brand : KENKOU


  • More than 99% protection against 0.3-micron Airborne Particles and Bioaerosols.
  • 4-layer filter consists of Double Melt-blown Filters** which are medical grade materials.
  • It is a 3D shape that makes it easy to breathe and fit closely with your face.
  • The coil on the nose bridge of the mask is thick and strong according to KN95 standards, so it sticks on the nose well.
  • The ear strap is soft with adjustable ear holder for fitting the ear and reducing ear pain.
  • Soft texture so it doesn't irritate your skin.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Does not cause fog on the glasses
  • Size: 16x6.5 cm Color: White
  • Biological suspended particulate matters include microorganisms and biological substances derived from living organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, endotoxin, etc.
** Increase the efficiency of filtering small particles and germs with Electrostatic Attraction up to 2 layers

Remark:  Since the outer layer of the mask has a liquid repellent coating to prevent saliva, liquid or blood, there may be some mild chemical odor. But if it is worn for a while, the smell will fade and there is no harm to the respiratory system.

How to use
1. Unfold the top and bottom of KENKOU 3D face mask.
2. Wear the mask to cover the nose, mouth and chin, with the coil side facing up.
3. Strap the ear strap on both ears and adjust it to fit.
4. Squeeze the coil snug against the bridge of the nose and check its position to suit your face shape.

Warning and caution:
  • KENKOU 3D face mask is a single-use mask so it cannot be reused.
  • In order for the mask to be firmly attached to the face, do not put a fabric or napkin inside when wearing it.
  • Do not wear if the inside of the mask is contaminated.
  • Do not wash or deform the mask.
  • If the mask is contaminated/sprayed/blood, or is torn, or the wearer feels it is difficult to breathe, the mask should be replaced immediately.
  • Hands should be cleaned every time after removing the mask.
  • For pregnant women, people with respiratory disease or cardiovascular disease, if wearing the mask makes it difficult to breathe, discontinue using it and see your dermatologist or doctor.
If you want to order at a wholesale price, please contact the company directly.
Buy 20 boxes or more at a price of 320 THB/box
Buy 40 boxes or more at a price of 290 THB/box
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