Popular questions that can be answered with KENKOU FACE MASK

  • Which brand of hygienic mask is good?
  • Is there a mask for sensitive skin?
  • Can a hygienic mask prevent virus? Is it a Surgical Mask?
  • Is it a mask that can prevent PM2.5? Is there a mask for people who wear glasses?

      Popular questions that Kenkou face mask can answer (KENKOU FACE MASK)

  1.  More than 99% filtration efficiency for bacteria and viruses (BFE, VFE > 99%)
  2. Able to filter dust of 2.5 microns (PM2.5) more than 99% (PFE > 99%)
  3. It's lightweight, well ventilated, so you can wear it all day.
  4. Suitable for people with sensitive skin because it has been tested and confirmed to be free of allergens and skin irritations.
  5. Suitable for those who wear glasses because it does not cause fog on the glasses while wearing or speaking.
  6. The ear straps are highly flexible so they are not too tight.
  7. The coil of the mask on the nose bridge is soft so it can be bent to fit each user's face very well.

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